Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter 2010

The whole family!

She makes such a cute little bunny!

Sorry for not posts in forever...the two of them take up all of my time. You can thank Aunt Paula for these b/c she reminded me the blog has been suffering without photos since Halloween!!!
The kids are great. Taylor is walking...running...yelling...and tormenting her big brother and her parents on a regular basis! Jake is getting so grown up so quickly and is already enrolled in preschool for September! Where does the time go?? I will do better at updating more regularly!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sorry for so few posts lately...Here are some updates.

Taylor with her stunning baby blues!

The family before our trick o' treating adventure

Quality time with Daddy before bed!

Taylor loves jumping and looks like she'll bounce right out especially when she gets excited!

Jake on the potty....hmm....I wonder who he is emulating??? I know it isn't mommy!
Jake is almost fully potty trained. He stays consistently dry even when out of the house for a few hours but only goes #2 on the potty when he feels like it...he is still scared to and so are mommy and daddy after our summer experience with him!

Jake's a cutie who loves his sister. He was even seen trying to feed her...Mommy was in the kitchen and heard him saying to her "want some baby?" while holding her spoon of food to her mouth. Too cute!

Taylor is just infatuated with her brother. She watches everything he does, laughs at him constantly, and gets very frustrated that she can't move well enough yet to chase after him.

A visit with Grandma and Grandpa...Even Tiki got in on the picture!

Jake just loves the playground near our house. He and Taylor got some time in on the swings together enjoying the nice weather before it gets too cold!

Taylor's first ride on the swings! She loves watching the big kids run around!

Happy Halloween

Connor & Jake getting lots of candy!

He definitely had fun trick or treating with his big cousin Connor...he passed out on the walk home!

Let's get trick or treating! Jake's thinking..."Hmmm....I wonder what this costume and candy thing is really about..."

I think Taylor thought Jake was a big stuffed animal for her to play with! Jake was just the sweetest little green monster. He loved the big pillow belly to bop around with.

And she really embraced her cuteness....what a ham!

Taylor was the most adorable little pink bunny!

Friday, August 7, 2009

They are too cute if I do say so myself!

Taylor said ok Mom...I've had enough photos for one day!

"Wow Mommy...she has hands too!"

Boy am I a lucky Mommy to have such cute kids who actually love one another!

Such a pretty girl playing with her rattles. Jake got pretty annoyed with her when she couldn't just take it from him. He is just dying to be able to play with her!

Mommy's Little Angel

Is she sweet or what??

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jake & Taylor

Jake is such a sweet older brother! He is always giving "T" kisses and loving her! It is enough to melt Mommy's heart!!!
He will do things like throw his ball or catch it and look over to where Taylor is and say "Look T" and I even caught him talking to her when we went for a walk in the stroller...he was babbling about the beach and boats and rocks in the sand as we walked along the boardwalk and I kept hearing him say....T blah blah blah and pointing to things as he leaned over to her side of the stroller. It was too cute. Unfortunately Taylor was sleeping so she missed out on the lessons of her older brother!

Hitting Age 2 he has become quite the little man! Here he is sporting his shades before going out to play with his water table!

Jake loves when he gets to "hold" Taylor and she seems to enjoy sitting with her brother as well!
This duo is quite a handful both wanting Mommy's attention ALL the time but when you are this cute how can Mommy say no?!